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Allen Bradley Projects Waste Water Treatment Plant Automation WA

Nessie Services was asked to develop a Waste Water Plant control

to maintain the discharge within the required specifications.

The dosing starts at a very certain level either Caustic or Acid.

The redundant pumps are used for circulation and discharge as well,

changing over every 24hrs run time or on failure.

The dosing is enabled only when the flow has a specified volume to get accurate results.

All components (Flowswitch, level controller, Endress PH controller and Ecograph

have been set up and commissioned by Nessie Services.

Dosing Bins have a low level control as well to ensure the bins are getting replaced in time.

an automatic roof top ventilator.

Nessie Services provided:

electrical drawings (CAD, Treesoft)

electrical drawing

control panel layout

PLC programming

plc programming

functional description

functional description



Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 with digital and analog IO's

Endress controller

Endress Endress Ecograph

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- After Sales Service and programmed maintenance

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