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Nessie Process Monitoring System PMS

Nessie PMS offers an abundance of process monitoring and evaluation

Nessie PMS consists of an Industrial PC whether with Intel Atom I3, I5 or I7 Processor,

which can be connected to PLC's of different brands like Siemens, Allen Bradley,

Mitsubishi or others.

The PMS System collects data from the connected PLC's and displays the status of the

machines on the screen in the production hall.


In case of an alarm i.e. packer stops and audible alarm comes active as well.

The alarm is stored with timestamp in a database to collect the up- and downtime for a

detailed report.

Production Data:

All production data are collected i.e. bottles, cases, pallets per minute/hr, shift and day

are stored in databases for a detailed report.

The screen in the production hall displays the status of the production line for quicker

troubleshooting by operators.

Messages production hall

An additional application can be supplied for displaying alarms in the maintenance

department workshop / office for quicker response on trouble shooting.

The alarm can be acknoledged and reset to store maintenance down time as well.

alarms maintenance office

Another application can be supplied for displaying production data in the production department office for evaluation.

production data office

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