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Pallet Logging System

The Pallet Logging System logs produced pallet information before they leave the production area e.g.:


- Product Name

- Product Code

- Batch Information

- Best Before Date

or as required!

Brief Description:

The Pallet Logging System comes installed in Control Box with Power Cord including:

Control Unit with serial Interface and Ethernet connection

Corded or cordless Handheld Scanner or mountable Industrial Scanner

The Pallet Logging System reads the barcodes from the Pallet Labels and stores

those data's (extracted or direct) into Excel compatible CSV-file with Timestamp

The File is stored on MMC and accessible via Standard Web browser.

To avoid duplicate entries, the unit checks if the barcode has been scanned already

and only saves it if not existing


- PC Station

which automatically reads the Log Files and inserts Data into a Database

to display actual and past Production details e.g.:

Number of produced units in which time frame or Stock availability

accessible via Standard Web browser (via Ethernet or Wireless Lan)

- Wireless Access Point (or Client Bridge) to connect to existing Network


Easy Setup via Standard Web browser, NO Software required

Standard Web browser for monitoring and altering settings

Data & Application Software on MMC (for easy Backup)

anytime upgradable with PC Station

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